White Light Animation Screenplays

Seeking Management/Production

Interested in this project? Would you like more info, or access to the full screenplays?

email:  trevorgillustrations@gmail.com

The author/creator of WHITE LIGHT STORY has a degree in Classical Animation Filmmaking from Sheridan College, and has been a professional storyboard/concept artist in broadcast advertising for 20 years.

Though it may seem like fantasy, the stories have been written from personal experience, from growing up with an off-grid cabin in the remote BC woods as a child, to living with street punks and hitchhiking through Canada, to travelling through Brazil with his Brazilian wife, to the adventure of becoming parents/raising a family, to his passion for jiu-jitsu, martial arts, and animation, to having the courage to believe in his dreams (this project), to his most personal insights about life, death, and the many other themes in this story.

WHITE LIGHT STORY has been written patiently with honesty, love, and passion. Its aim is to uplift audiences and spread positivity into the world with its production to the screen.