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'A Brazilian teen surfer girl falls for an odd Japanese boy who claims that a mystical White Light will help him win a huge MMA tournament in her town.'




Age: 17     Born: Brazil

Juliana is a simple beach girl living at the edge of a small town with her MOM and DAD. She likes the sun, surfing, and the simple life. But when she meets MASATO and is introduced to his world, her reality gets turned upside down and she begins to see confusing visions and dreams of another lifetime...
At the same time, Juliana's parents are barely making a living, and need her help. She is conflicted between her attraction to Masato and her visions, versus being responsible in her parents' eyes, not knowing yet that they actually fit together.


Age: 18 Born: Japan

Masato has come to Brazil, insisting he was invited to compete in a major MMA Tournament even though the organization says it was a mistake. He meets Juliana, and is grateful for her help. Circumstances uncannily fall into his favour, and he is entered as an 'alternate' fighter in the tournament. He secretly reveals to Juliana that his success is due to a mystical WHITE LIGHT, and soon professes his love for her as he continues deeper into the finals of the MMA Tournament.

Little does he know that he is not the only competitor with a mystical style…


Age: 35 Born: Brazil

Dad is a husband and father, and nothing is more important to him. However life in Brazil is a struggle; his tiny surf shop is barely staying alive as a mega surfing company recently opened a huge superstore in town.  He is months behind in payments to his gangster landlord, and Juliana is unwittingly causing him more trouble than help.

When he learns about Masato’s MMA Tournament and the White Light, he has no choice but to face what he has been trying to forget from lives past.


Age: 35 Born: Brazil

Mom is the strong quiet matriarch of the family. She is patient with JULIANA, tender with DAD, and a little too wise for either of their comfort. Whenever Juliana or Dad get themselves into trouble, Mom is there to help them find their way. Mom works as a potter in a ceramics studio, making pottery and hoping to sell at weekly markets.

Though she does not reveal until the end of the story, Mom remembers everything of their past two lives to where their greater story began.


Spooky Old Lady

Age: 75   Born: Brazil

Spooky Old Lady is an elderly priestess of the Brazilian/African religion of Candonble. When her son MATHEUS becomes concerned with MASATO and his WHITE LIGHT as being supernatural, she uses her spiritual powers to put a hex on him. It is only later when she looks deeper at Masato, that she becomes ashamed of her actions.

The experience causes Spooky Old Lady to re-think her beliefs and practices, and confesses to Juliana that MOM is in fact the strongest spiritual mentor she has ever met.


Age: 29 Born: Brazil

Matheus was a training partner and friend of a competitor in the big local MMA Tournament, and the son of SPOOKY OLD LADY, a priestess of the Candonble religion. When his friend becomes injured, Matheus becomes suspicious that Masato may have supernatural qualities.

He becomes fearful, and turns to his priestess mother to interfere.

Boss Tanaka

Age: 36 Born: Japan

Boss Tanaka is the owner of a major Japanese MMA organization, and is heavily involved with the production of the big MMA Tournament in Brazil. With Yakuza-like presence and efficiency, Boss Tanaka has everything under control until he witnesses MASATO and a glimmer of his WHITE LIGHT. His curiosity of Masato drives him to a bizarre and controversial decision to allow Masato into the Tournament, and he quietly roots for Masato from behind the scenes.

Boss Tanaka does not remember yet any of his past lives, but the WHITE LIGHT is so familiar he feels compelled to assist it.

Cesar Santos

Age: 39   Born: Brazil

Cesar Santos is a fictional Brazilian MMA Legend. Past his prime, but still fit and a huge crowd favourite. His place in the Tournament is more of a novelty for the fans than a result of any proper rankings, but Cesar Santos has embraced it as one last chance to test himself and give Brazilians a thrill. However when there are some mixups in the brackets and Masato turns out to be his first opponent, he refuses to fight, accusing the event of becoming a circus. Cesar Santos loses by forfeit, but feels he has preserved his dignity.

It isn’t long before he succumbs to Masato’s charm, and actually agrees to train him for the finals.


Age: 38   Born: Brazil

Claudio is the landlord of DAD’s humble surf shop. He is not wealthy but desperately desires to display an aura of power, and is not happy when Dad is behind in his rent. Dad tries to explain that the new SURFWORLD superstore has sucked up all the business, but Claudio continues to demand the money he is owed, and even brings hired muscle to intimidate Dad and Juliana. Later, Juliana discovers he is actively conspiring with SURFWORLD to put Dad out of business.


Age: 20 Born: Brazil

Demiao is a tough kid from the favelas of Brazil, and narrowly escaped a life of violence and gangs due to his prowess as a fighter. He now trains with SIFU, and is beginning to be able to wield the RED ENERGY. He has been entered in the MMA Tournament, and is about to reveal the RED ENERGY for the first time. He follows Sifu without question, still too young perhaps to choose his own destiny.

However he will soon learn that he is not the only fighter in the Tournament with a mystical fighting style…


Age: 99   Born: Ireland

After Julie’s death 31 years ago, Sifu has been at a loss for a proper apprentice to which he can pass the RED ENERGY before he dies. However he continues searching, and training those he can find who show potential. One of these candidates is DEMIAO, and Sifu is currently in Brazil to test Demiao's skills in a major MMA Tournament event. Sifu stays well out of the spotlight, inconspicuous, not giving anyone a sign of his eccentric existence.

He has no idea that JULIANA, MOM, and DAD have been reborn here, and thus is shocked to find his student facing the WHITE LIGHT in the semifinals.


Age: 31   Born: Japan

Father is a survivor of the decimation of Japan after WWII. Despite the horrors, good fortune came upon him when he met MOTHER amongst the rubble, and they fell in love. He built a home for them to live in the mountains, and continued to train in Japanese martial arts. Mother took up the art of pottery, and they had a daughter, XIU LI. Life was so great that Father began to discover the WHITE LIGHT. But before he could master it, SIFU arrived, drawn to his growing power.

Father did not handle this encounter well, and thus set in motion a karmic debt that would follow him for 2 more lifetimes.

Xiu Li

Age: 9   Born:   Japan

Xiu Li, named after her Chinese ancestry, is a happy child with a most idyllic life. Living in the mountains of Japan by a clear cool river, she is thrilled to help her Mother make pottery, and go for long hikes with her Father. She even trains martial arts, and is beginning to learn the WHITE LIGHT from Father. However when Sifu arrives, Xiu Li becomes embarrassed and angry at Father for not standing up to him. She calls him a coward and leaves in rage, only to return finding her parents both killed.

Xiu Li is being followed by a Shinto Fox Spirit, who appears as a young boy with a Fox Mask.


Age: 31   Born: Japan

Mother is also a survivor of WWII Allied bombings, having lost everything. She fell instantly in love with FATHER, and they soon married. With a humble home in the mountains, a small pottery studio near a river, and a new beautiful daughter, XIU LI, Mother was happy and content. She witnessed Father’s discovery of the WHITE LIGHT, and gave her best to help him follow it. But when SIFU arrived, their life was turned upside down, and she and her husband were killed together in a deadly fire.

She is only beginning to discover the bigger picture.



Age: 7 Born: Japan

Masato appears to Xiu Li as a mysterious boy wearing a FOX MASK. His origin is unexplained, as Xiu Li only catches glimpses of him at key moments, appearing to be watching or following her. Though a normal looking innocent boy, there is something suspiciously supernatural about him. He seems especially concerned with Xiu Li and her parents, but never speaks.

There are times when he appears to transform from a boy into a Fox Spirit.

Young Sifu

Age: 28   Born: Ireland

Sifu has recently lost his MASTER in the final attacks on Japan at the end of WWII. Suddenly alone, he begins his quest to honor his Master and find a worthy Apprentice to whom he can pass the RED ENERGY before he dies. He does not have to look long, as he soon hears rumors of a local Japanese Martial Artist with the ability to harness supernatural energies. Sifu seeks him out, and upon arriving at FATHER’s dwelling, becomes enthralled with testing his potential. He challenges Father to a fight, wanting desperately to compare their styles and learn his secrets. But when Father refuses, Sifu is unable to take no for an answer.

Their conflict sets in motion a karmic debt that would follow them for the next 2 incarnations of death and rebirth.