White Light Animation Screenplays

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A story of 2 seemingly opposing styles of mystical martial arts;
A reincarnating girl & her parents discovering one style, and a 100-year-old master wielding the other.

The White Light Stories is a series of 4 individual original feature-length Drama/Martial-Arts/Fantasy/Romance screenplays, that together weave a greater tale that spans exactly 100 years.
Intended for animation, it aims to be a unique original mythology of heartfelt uplifting tales for youth and adults alike. Perhaps slightly more mature/dramatic than typical western animated films, yet still wholesome and relatively clean (PG?). Fun and magical with lots of martial arts, yet also richly character-driven with rooted emotional relationships.
It is a tale of family, true love, life and death, free will, and destiny.
The stories revolve around a young girl and her parents who, in post-war Japan, discover a mystical style of martial arts based on spirit, and natural harmony.  When practised, it creates a beautiful WHITE LIGHT.  Unknowingly, their discovery opens a magical gate bridging the Physical World to the Spirit World. A curious Fox Spirit comes through, and falls in love with the girl.
At the same time Sifu, a mysterious old master, is perfecting a different mystical style of martial arts based on physical force, and individual willpower.  When practised, it creates a beautiful RED ENERGY. He searches the world for someone able to learn his teachings, and is eventually drawn to the girl’s family.
Their meeting brings a conflict that throws all of their destinies astray; the girl’s parents are killed, Sifu is devastated, the Fox Spirit is forced back to the Spirit World, and the magical gate is no more.
The stories follow the girl, her parents, and the Fox-Spirit over their next human incarnations of life, death, and re-birth as they die, find each other again, and fight to remember (or forget!) the truths of their past.
Sifu however survives all of it in a single lifetime, and becomes convinced that the girl is the apprentice to whom he must pass his wisdom before he can die. 
The stories trace from post-war Japan in the 1940’s and 50’s, to living on the streets in Canada in the 80’s and 90’s, to an MMA tournament by the beaches of Brazil in the 2000’s, and then back to Japan again for the climax in 2028 where it all began.
With a little help from the Spirit World, they must all come to understand how it all went wrong, and how to heal their collective karma.
Seeking Management/Production

The writer/illustrator is a Classical Animation Filmmaking graduate from Sheridan College, and has been a professional storyboard artist/illustrator for 20 years.