White Light Animation Screenplays

Seeking Management/Production

Franchise/Spinoff Potential

The White Light Stories span a full 100 years of time (1928 – 2028). However the actual screenplays only offer small windows into key moments of the tale. The potential for backstory and expansion of this larger mythology is vast…

Here are a few samples of backstory that would be a pleasure to explore and create.

*Several of these stories are already being written: 

1935 – 1939

Sifu as a young boy in China when his parents are killed in political turmoil/intrigue of the time. Orphaned, he is taken in by a travelling warrior. Young Sifu and his Master roam the world together, training the Red Energy style and testing it against various martial artists in different lands…

1939 – 1945
A Young Sifu and his Master navigate through the perils of WWII…

1945 – 1956
A romance in post-war Japan, Mother and Father meet after the devastation, and fall in love. As romance blooms and they rebuild a new life together, they begin to discover the White Light…

FISTS OF RED: 1956 – 1971
After his Master vanished, Young Sifu roams the earth on his own, fulfilling his vow to find a fighter or martial artist able to completely learn the Red Energy Style. But his encounter with Xiu Li and her parents leaves him devastated. Sifu returns to Ireland, falls in love with a simple farm girl, gets married, and re-examines his life and his destiny.

LIGHTER THAN AIR: 1956 – 1971
Xiu Li is adopted into a wealthy private school after her parents killed at age 9. 15 years later, she must remember the teachings of her parents, and connect with them in the dream world in order to navigate her choices as she becomes entangled in high crime in Japan. 

Mother and Father are re-born, but in different parts in the world; Father is born into a 1st Nations clan on the west coast of Canada, and Mother is born to a bloodline of elites in Switzerland. They connect with each other in the dream-world, and attempt to reunite in the physical.

1971 – 1982
Sifu training his young apprentices in his secret forest Commune. He begins taking a select few to test themselves in the emerging Vale Tudo scene in Brazil. Romance blooms between Dad and Mom even as youths, and they begin to remember mysterious hints of the White Light.

Julie, not even yet 7 years old, is living on the streets in a city in Ontario, refusing authority of any kind. She forms a gang of misfit kids, teaching them to turn their situation into fun and adventure in the inner-city, until they go too far and are all arrested. Julie is given an opportunity into a foster program, and must decide between rehabilitation, or continued life on the streets.

1989 – 2005
Mom and Dad reborn in Brazil. A Brazilian romance, as they come together via undeniable synchronicities. Hints of the White Light, memories of afar, and a daughter Mom can see in her dreams but has not been born yet…

Streetdogs in Brazil are among the only witnesses to a False-Flag event on their tiny island.

2015 – 2026
A coming of age tale of Juliana growing up as a kid in Brazil;  playing, surfing, learning to be street-wise, finding herself and her dreams in this strange and mysterious life…

pre – 1925
Story of Xiu Li’s grandmother and namesake in China. Tales of Taoist sages and wizards, and the story of how and why she eventually came to Japan.