White Light Animation Screenplays

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Sifu’s Way – Synopsis

Juliana, Masato, and Dad travel to Japan for the MMA Tournament Finals, but before it begins they are informed that the White Light has been declared illegal, and that if Masato creates it they will all be arrested.

Dad however falls into a spell of Vision-Memories, unable to hold back the White Light. The crowd begins spontaneously igniting with the White Light, and it soon spreads out beyond the stadium, enveloping people everywhere, turning the city to chaos. Juliana, Dad, and Masato escape, and steal a boat to flee the madness. Upon waking the next morning, they see that the White Light has spread along the whole coastline, islands, forests, and mountains of Japan.

They encounter a rogue clan of martial artists who profess that the White Light is spreading a disease, and have thus fled to the mountains to escape it, and hopefully find a way to defeat it. But when they discover that Dad and Masato wield that same light, Juliana must use the Red Energy to fight them and escape deeper into the forest.

Dad continues to become lost in his visions, trying to find their old home from two lifetimes ago. Juliana makes contact with Mom through her dreams, and learns that the White Light is spreading in Brazil as well. As Dad and Masato continue to follow the White light, Juliana cannot help but feel drawn to the Red Energy. This develops conflict between her and Dad, between her and Masato. The White Light keeps spreading, and Dad and Masato get pulled inside.

Juliana is rescued by Sifu, who takes her to his retreat in the mountains. There she must decide once and for all who she really is, how this conflict between the White Light and Red Energy started and must end, and ultimately come to understand the final truths of all their combined lives and destinies.